Decorating with Mirrors to Fill in Blank Wall Spaces

It can be tempting to turn a blank wall into a makeshift gallery. A few abstract prints or classy photographs are a simple way to fill the space.

But it’s not the only way to use that blank wall. Instead, you can hang a large mirror on the wall.

It’ll fill the space. But it’ll also help make the room look bigger than it really is.

Still want to have a gallery wall? That’s fine too. Decorating with mirrors doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match.

You might hang a small mirror among the decorations and framed photos that you’ve chosen.

Or you could collect a variety of ornate frames. Hang a range of them on your gallery wall instead of art prints.

The frames will add interest and the mirrors will earn compliments. And you won’t have to debate over which art style to choose.

Do your rooms have really high ceilings? Don’t worry, you can still fill that wall.

Tall mirrors are a simple way to occupy all that empty space without overwhelming the room.

And if your room is an unusual shape, you can always prop up a mirror in a corner. Or find one with a beautiful stand.