How to Make an Impression with a Glass Conference Table

The boardroom is where it all happens; this is where the big decisions are made and the big discussions take place. But it’s not only the role players and their ideas that should impress inside the conference room. Choosing the right furniture to suit your brand and conference room space is crucial for those first impressions and long hours spent brainstorming or negotiating.

The most important piece as the focal point of your boardroom should be the conference table. There is nothing more elegant and powerful than a contemporary glass conference table. You can choose from various finishes such as scratched glass, clear, clear with patterned border, etc.

Here at Glass and Mirrors, our clients often ask us this important question: with so many unique styles; how do you choose the right glass table top for your conference table? Here are a few valuable guidelines to consider:

Who are you?
What do you want your furniture to say about your company services as well as culture? What is your brand image? Your office furniture, especially your conference room furniture, should be reflective of your company. An edgy advertising agency should use a design that makes a creative statement, whilst an attorney’s office should focus more on a design with sturdy, powerful edges.

Size matters.
It might look amazing and make a great impression, but if the size isn’t practical, your glass topped conference table can easily become the biggest headache in your conference room. Take the available space into account. No matter how beautiful – nobody can get work done in cramped space.

How will it be used?
Will the glass conference table be used for presentations? Be sure to choose a design that includes wiring and data ports. Will the table’s main function be to hold board meetings? Oval and circular tops allow for more people to be seated without necessarily taking up more area space.

With these helpful hints, choosing the correct glass table top for your conference table should be an easy and enjoyable experience.