The Beauty of Custom Showers

If you have your custom shower already finished or you’re having it designed, you’ll be glad to know that custom glass shower design is our specialty. We can get very creative with the design and texture of the doors and install them professionally.

The whole point of a bathroom retreat design is to make it special. You can do that by separating the bath tub from the shower. A custom designed shower enclosure is the ultimate finish to an elegant master ensuite.

Walk in showers have their functional and design advantages. One piece or multi-piece shower stalls are simple to install. The glass enclosures vary in type and most create an expansive, open feel that allows the user to relax and enjoy their shower. This contrasts with showers that are completely enclosed with opaque walls.

Your shower might have 1, 2, or 3 glass walls, custom glass show door, seating, rain shower faucet, and built in shelving. Another advantage of these fiberglass showers is comfort and safety. There aren’t any rock hard and sharp elements which might be dangerous to some people, including disabled individuals.