Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors bounce light to make any room brighter and therefore, appear larger than they are any time of day. Additionally, they also create the illusion of more space in any area. Placing a mirror near a window or well-lit area are ideal to creating the concept of more space. Consider using decorative mirrors or furniture with mirror panels like consoles or side tables already incorporated in its designs. We’ve completed quite a few custom mirror projects that were both functional and beautiful additions to our clients’ homes, so don’t be afraid to get creative with design.

Bathroom Inspiration: This is an obvious one, but sometimes home owners neglect that they can install a full length mirror, which covers one complete wall and instead choose a more smaller, standard sized mirror. Adding an extended length mirror means more light reflection and the illusion of more space, while also allowing for more than one person at a time to use the mirror.

Kitchen: Consider installing mirror panels along the interior wall of a small kitchen instead of your typical kitchen tile for a more impactful backsplash.

Bedroom/Hallsways: Mirrors in the bedroom and around the home are most commonly seen as mirrored closet doors and place particularly well in narrow hallways or by the entrance way for a quick check on your appearance before you head out of the house or for guests entering in.