Mirrors in the Bathroom

Again, bathrooms aren’t the only rooms that need a good mirror, but it is probably the most common place where mirrors are found.

Though this may seem pretty straightforward or limiting, there are a few things you have to think of before you choose the right vanity mirror.

1. Where’s the Light

Is there enough light around the mirror? If not, you’ll have to figure out how to add more light to the vanity during the installation process.

You can do this by adding more lights to the bathroom.

Some mirrors even have LED lights that create a back light effect behind the mirror. This is a good way to turn your mirror into the focal point of your bathroom, but the light could also be slightly distracting when you’re getting yourself ready for the day.

2. To Frame or Not to Frame

Adding a frame to your mirror is a good way to stylize your mirror with your favorite mirror design ideas.

For example, thick wooden frames have a more country or homey feeling while thin frames look more modern. Large floral frames are very eye catching and colorful frames are lighthearted and bright.

You can also stick to a frameless mirror. This kind of mirror can still look nice, and it’s a great fit for a minimalist bathroom.

3. One Mirror, Two Mirrors, or Three Mirrors

If you have a double vanity, you can hang a mirror over each sink or one giant mirror that covers the entire wall behind the vanity. It all depends on what look you like better.

You can also hang a tall mirror behind a freestanding tub to add a bit of personality