See More with Glass

The transparent nature of glass gives the illusion of a wider, open space, instead of feeling closed off with spaces partitioned by a standard wall or door. Letting in lots of light, particularly natural light helps to open up a space, and glass is the ideal sound and weather proof barrier to help you accomplish that.
Bathroom: It’s extremely common for us to swap out a bathtub for a contemporary glass enclosed shower. This is a particularly good idea for home owners who want to modernize and maximize the space in a smaller bathroom or if you are considering adding an additional bathroom for guests or in the basement.

 Glass railings in and outside of the house add to an open concept look, while presenting an extremely sleek, modern look to your home that also remains timeless.

Open shelves in any room are not only great for achieving an airy look and less visual blockages, they also work nicely to display accent pieces, glassware, photos etc. They are easy to install and affordable, with designs ranging from simple wood slats to shelves with decorative moulding.