How thick is the glass?

Our glass doors range from 5/32", 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8”, and up to ½” thick. The style and cost of the door drives the thickness of the glass.

How safe is the glass?

All of our glass is tempered safety glass. However, it is not meant to be hung from, beat on, or slammed shut. Shower enclosures are not unsupervised play areas for young children.

Are free estimates offered?

We do offer free estimates, but recommend that you provide approximate measurements. This will ensure that we are able to give you a starting price point before the on-site measuring. Our service area is New York (NYC) Brooklyn,Queens,staten island,Bronx, Parts of new jersey.

What types of glass is offered?

Many shades of glass are available as well as less transparent glass such as bubble glass, rain glass, and antique glass. We usually recommend clear glass as it usually makes the bathroom appear larger. Contact us to discuss our offerings and see samples.

What thickness of glass do you recommend?

There are 3 standard thicknesses for shower doors; ¼’, 3/8’ and ½’. Call us to discuss what thickness is most appropriate for your shower.

Do you recommend the glass be tempered?

Yes, absolutely! Once you temper a piece of glass it instantaneously becomes 4-5 stronger. Another benefit of tempered glass is that if one day it ever breaks, instead of braking into large shards, it breaks into small pieces causing much less damage and posing less of a danger. The process that the glass goes through to become tempered is extreme heating and rapid cooling.

Any Other Questions?