Laminated Glass

Collored Laminated Glass

Using any combination of the basic color films or liquid, virtually any color either translucent transparent or apaque can be created.​

Color laminated glass is an almost inexhaustible range of colored laminated glasses, comprising at least two sheets of glass bonded together with a coloured plastic interlayer.

Thicknesses: 1/8",1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" , 1" , 1-1/4", 1-3/8", 1-1/2" , 1-3/4".

All colored glass is available as transparent, translucent or opaque. Contact us to customize the color or thickness of your glass needs. Maximum Size 60"+ x 120".

Our specialists are capable of producing a wide range of colors in addition to laminating various materials such as fabrics,rice paper,naturals and much more...

Available thickness: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1".

Safety Glass

Laminated glass is a type of Safety Glass that holds together when shattered. Laminated Safety Glass is a multifunctional glazing material that can be used in a variety of applications. Laminated Safety Glass is normally used when there is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered. Laminated Safety Glass is manufactured by permanently bonding two or more lites of glass with layers of PVB interlayer, under heat and pressure, to create a single construction. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer.

Security Burglars usually enter the house or car by breaking the windows to reach out for the door and window handles. This type of glass can keep them from forcing their entry. In case this is broken by accident, it still has an interlayer to give protection. It can be made of multiple layers of thick glass and interlayer, to let it withstand bomb blasts and bullets.

Sound reductionNoise can easily enter a house or building through the windows. This glass has the ability to prevent unwanted noise with its sound reduction index, which is higher than that of monolithic glass that has the same thickness.

Control of solar energy While skylights and the like provide natural light, they can cause glare and too much heat, which can increase air conditioning costs. A tinted laminated glass provides the best solution.

Control of UV rays UV rays cause the fading of furnishings. The interlayer of this glass has UV absorbing properties to screen out these damaging rays.

Weather/Natural Disasters​ This type of glass can be specially designed to stay intact in its frame under impact of natural disasters, protecting people with its reduced flying glass feature.

DurabilityThis durable glass, always, maintain its strength and color. Also, it can be cleaned just like ordinary glass.

Custom Design This can be manufactured according to your preference and needs.

Simple installation It is easy to install and be cut to size. It can, also, be notched or drilled.

Low visible distortion​ Since it is glazed in annealed form, it prevents distortion brought about by roller waves in tempered glass.

Laminated Glass Floors

The best way to lay a laminated glass floor is by using block pavers with an aluminum grid. This newer method encases the sides and bottom edges of each glass paver block with a silicone sealant rather than the original method of using grout. The aluminum grid provides durability and reinforcement for foot traffic, as well as offering a unique element to an interior design. Glass flooring is available in several different options including crystal clear which is transparent, frost, revo, small rocks and sand. These options provide different levels of translucency and privacy, yet natural lighting can still filter in.

Glass floor technology is safe, secure, quake proof, can handle all day foot traffic and shatterproof. Iconic structures like The Eiffel Tower are being renovated to place glass floors in its first floor level to give tourists an amazing view of the street level below. Government buildings, educational institutions and health care facilities all enjoy the environmentally friendly material, its aesthetics and its sanitary ability to repel dust, mold, bacteria and requires less cleaning than other floor materials.

Laminated glass flooring is produced by bonding two or more layers of heat treated pressured glass together with a plastic resin interlayer, which is known as Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). Multiple PVB glass sheets are more popularly used by the automobile industry and the airline industry for designing windshields.

The PVB interlayer makes glass floors impervious to water damage, it offers sound reduction and blocks 99% of UV rays. PVB interlayers can be customized into different colored sheets to be used by glass manufactures for architects and construction engineers.

Architectural Glass

Architectural glass consists of at least two single layers joined into one glass sheet or plate via an adhesive intermediate layer.

This intermediate layer may hereby consist of cast resin or a special thermoplastic film. Architectural glass is normally based on pre-stressed glass but also single-layer safety glass. Glass doors, dividers from glass, sound protection elements, fire protection panes. These all represent uses for architectural glass.

Designer stairwell steps are also made from laminated glass. And what's more: Did you know that the armoured glass panels of security vehicles are made of laminated glass?

Laminated glass is considered to be burglary-proof especially in the windows area, because it is hard to break.However, not only simple elements with special physical properties can be manufactured with laminated glass. Architectural glass is ideally suited for artistic designs, using either laser technology or pressure bonding method.Just imagine the effect of a semitransparent motif on the inside layer. Hardly any limits are imposed on the fantasy and the options of processing.

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